Who are Osprey?

Osprey is a global finance provider working exclusively with a private investors & Foundation which provide the funding. Osprey is a project delivery specialist. We work in the arena of financing infrastructure and development projects around the world, however our primary focus is in Africa. We are currently working in a number of projects throughout Africa, come inside and find out where.

What type of projects?

Osprey will look at any type of infrastructure or development project, so long as there is a humanitarian element.
We want to see Africa become a great power in the world, each country taking it's rightful place alongside the other nations of the world.

Which sectors?

Osprey will consider financing any project that has a humanitarian benefit, from government to private sector projects.
Have a look at the projects we are currently working on in Africa.
Eswatini - Malawi - Madagascar - Rep. of Congo - Tanzania - Zambia - Zimbabwe.

Osprey ?

Osprey has financed and delivered Infrastructure projects in such areas as:- Power, transportation, housing, industry, water, Information Technology & agriculture.
Osprey have a unique alliance with investors including a vast world-wide humanitarian fund. These funds can be used to finance projects that match our stringent humainitarian criteria. Many of our projects are sourced via our partner companies such as Sellbridge (UK).
POTS is an independent Project Management and Finance company, headquartered in Eswatini and specializes in using innovative strategies. The business Consists of a Team of dedicated young Professionals who are committed in project initiation and identification of funding solutions for projects aimed at viable strategies for combating digital divide and harnessing radical development and transformation of economies of African countries. Visit the website
Sellbridge is a partner with Osprey Enterprises and is a sector development company based in the United Kingdom, focussing on large infrastructure projects in Africa. Visit the website

The Services We Provide

Osprey source most of our projects via our direct partners, which include, POTS (Eswatini) and Sellbridge (UK).

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Any Project starts with a good plan.

A sucessful project delivery starts with a good plan, and a good plan needs proper execution. Osprey are past masters in their field and have delivered many fantastic projects over the years. The experience Osprey has gained over that time, will prove invaluable in ensuring the successful delivery of your project.




The Future

Despite the ever persent localised trouble spots, the future looks bright in Africa. Osprey is striving to develop the infrastructure in each African country. Gradually eradicating poverty and improving living standards. Slowly moving Africa as a whole into the realms of 1st world countries.


Osprey's Skills

Financing Projects

Osprey can provide fully financed major infrastructure projects using a combination of the latest technology and the most cost effective solutions to meet the needs of that country.

The decision process that Osprey undertakes to decide which projects to finance, is heavily influenced by the humanitarian benefit that is derived from such a project.

Projects without any humanitarian benefit are not generally considered by Osprey.


Osprey operate in Africa via a number of partners and subsidiaries such as Sellbridge (UK) and POTS (Eswatini) to find, negotiate and deliver each project. Our partners are leaders in their field and will help ensure the delivery of a sucessful project and make the biggest impact.

Dedicated project team for each project

A specialist team will be assembled for each project. We will select the team members who are the best in their field. This team will stay with the project until it is sucessfully completed.

Development in Africa for Africa by Africans

Wherever Osprey operate, we try whenever possible to employ local people around each project. In this way we can help improve the economy of that country. Indeed in each and every project Osprey undertake, we look to incorporate project elements that have humanitarian benefit.

No project is too big or too small

If a project can be demonstrated to have a humanitarian benefit and a positive impact on the living standards of the people in that country, that is a prime consideration for Osprey; more so than the size or cost of the project itself.

The future of Africa

Osprey are working to change and improve the future in Africa. At the same time as allowing Africa to take its place on the world stage, we want to improve the living standard of all African people. The $20bn Republic of Congo Sellbridge project (Due to start in 2021) will be fully funded by Osprey Enterprises and is the first of a series of large projects that will help begin the transition of Africa into a 1st world continent.

27 Jan 2020

Nothing is impossible for Osprey. We are highly motivated and are always developing new and innovative solutions.

  • Energy Projects
    & Power Generation

    Osprey can provide clean and modern solutions to hydro, thermal, solar, wind and wave energy generation projects.

  • Mass Housing

    Osprey & our partners are able ro provice modern solutions for mass housing projects, including low cost housing schemes.

  • Smart Cities

    Osprey are able to finance and deliver a complete 'Smart City' using the 'Internet of Things' and Blockchain technology from conception through the build process to operation.


What we do

Osprey helps develop a country by financing projects that improve the infrastructure, this is done to maximise the economic impact in that country whilst at the same time creating employment.

  • Humanitarian Aims

    The aim is not only to develop the country but to improve the living standards for all the country's inhabitants. Osprey mainly become involved in projects where there is a strong element of humanitarian benefit.

  • Government Projects

    Osprey will work on a (PPP) Public, Private Partnership or on a Sovereign Guarantee basis with a country's government.

  • Profitability

    All good projects should be able to demonstrate a good level of profitability so that the generated profit can be in turn re-deployed in future projects elsewhere.

  • Build/operate Vs Build/transfer

    Osprey can finance, build and operate the project thereafter, for example, where Osprey finance a power station and coal mine combo. Osprey can manage the power production and sell the resultant power at an agreed tariff to the country's electricity company. Alternatively in the case where a country prefers to use a Sovereign Guarantee, Osprey will finance build and then transfer the project to the control of the government once there has been settlement of the Sovereign Guarantee.

  • Speed of project delivery

    Delivering a project on time and to budget are very important the sooner the infrastructure has been put in place the sooner the economic and humanitarian benefits can be achieved. Our definition of a successful project is one that meets our success criteria: that the project’s scope is delivered on schedule, it is delivered within budget and, once delivered, it meets the quality expectations of everyone involved.

  • Modern solutions

    Osprey, wherever possible, utilise the most modern technological solutions in their projects. In this way we are future proofing the projects ability to generate the best solution at the lowest cost. This is done in order to make the biggest positive economic impact in each country

Osprey Enterprises at large
Osprey is ready to help change Africa's future

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Learn More About Osprey

  • About Osprey

    Find out who we are and what type of projects we get involved in.

  • Where are we working

    Osprey via our partners and subsidiaries are currently working in the Botswana, Ethiopia, Republic of Congo, Eswatini, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

  • Simple approach to project financing

    If there are humanitarian benefits to the project, there is no project that Osprey will not consider.

  • Fully Mobile Project management team.

    Our skilled team can operate in any country within the African continent.

The Future in Africa